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Энгри Бердс Эксклюзив! Вырезанные сцены

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Энгри Бердс Эксклюзив! Вырезанные сцены

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Sometimes Imams hide eggs but not. Sometimes um the Easter Bunny comes and.

Keep putting languge bunny but then I. Got lace and then she got all curly heel.

Comes Easter Bunny come read out to.

Everyone's house and hides every egg and.

Then she does it again he no works like. A girl it looks like a boy girl boy girl.

Looks like boy boy boy boy girl hi.

I love my mommy she reads me a story and.

Then she sings me a song she kisses me good night and she took me in and I me.

Always works I think I know one bad dessert she does north me such and my. Brother threw up on my mom happy. Mother's Day.

Oh boy don't get into it singing.

Oh that yeah yeah okay I'm just the.

Crane oh happy hats day to you happy hat.

Day to you hey someone's really upset about getting older happy hatchday here Timothy rheology doesn't like plan Buble a happy hat day there you go oh wow I.

Must be so disappointed in yourself for being displayed oh no no no no I'm not late look at the time see the order said before noon okay now you're late.

Shake and the bacon fingers whales when we ever want to go Oh gross.

Whoa this is top dollar fruits nuts moisturizers lashes boobs hard cookies what is his face cream I'm loving these guys oh how about that we meet again.

Hey look Chuck you know I could be a jerk sometimes I can and your poem was right you made something happy and I I couldn't deal with so I'm sorry about you know I got to say that Billy he put up a good fight he really did you know yeah you would have been proud of him yeah got a few good licks in here come on sit down okay apology accepted this is cozy it got away Oh shaken what my mama gave me they gonna others you know they're just walking around naked just presenting themselves I'm looking at all their business here that part about them I really admire yeah we would like to welcome our special guests the pain when. I say eita you say.

What a reception all right it's a slap staircase who.

Thinks of that welcome love King my father and my.

Father's father and my weird aunt Chloe have all search for the eggs but only I King mud beer pop have found them I present to you the eggs.

Segan malhari a feast I proclaim a feast two nights heads but. Wait there's more Ross do you get the gifts yeah perfect hey if you're looking.

You mentioned you had your very own commemorative secrecy.

Did you have to put my face on it made it personal so he's kind of a wackadoodle that you know it doesn't mean he's not wise well the floodwaters. Took that tree and the two little birds in it mmm good thing I happen to be flying high that's why they named it Mighty Eagle Creek I don't know what he does not like I do but oh that's not why I do it so anyway the other day these pigs showed up out of nowhere and we are concerned whoa there are thousands Nori's in the Hall of heroism hmm hey I noticed you're looking at that seemingly ordinary coconut interesting story you don't stare at a man's coconut Chuck it started as just another day I was flying as I do and on distance flashes I. Might run like a moth to the flame.

Busted and I saw it the coconut not the.

Actual coconut but the coconut in one's mind's eye the third eye coconut and now huh Chapter two

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