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Смешные Коты и Собаки ПРИКОЛЫ С ЖИВОТНЫМИ 3 0

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Okay we'll share the 10,000 with you.

Oh you're so freaking cute oh my gosh and Dutch it I want it ready go Rocky.

Maivia Marilyn the molester ah they're.

Manly guru.

My dang it let's hook it under there let. Go it aside.

Is death you being a bad girl huh did.

You take this up the stocking and try to eat it.

Only spam.

Oh what are you doing.

Bobo geez what are you doing.

Incompetence booty though.

Oh all right.

The dog part goes bro.

This bro is going to be tired out this is a great game we have doggy shuffle swimming in the air there's the wind blowing.

Boudreaux what happened were you digging in the garbage oh oh I see hmm yeah somebody was digging in the.

Garbage I see his little high bar in between the two leaves

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