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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Full Movie Cartoons About Lego Videos for Kids

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Все видео пользователя: Supertronic.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Full Movie Cartoons About Lego Videos for Kids with the complete Movie to keep the little and the big ones entertained while learning and having fun with this Lego Video for Kids.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is a Lego-themed action-adventure video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in November 2014 for multiple platforms. It is the third installment in the Lego Batman video game series and a sequel to Lego Batman: The Videogame and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham was met with a generally mixed reception upon release. Praise was directed at the amount of content, the game's humour, and the characters, while criticism was directed at technical issues, poor AI, celebrity cameos, conflicting gameplay aspects, and the game's overall direction.

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Show yourselves some adorable yellow. Blandford finally fair is your winner is being but laugh Hong Kong.

Disappointingly semester.

The atrocities.

My rings grounder is the power of huff look you know we really help the Green Lantern oh I know how is it coming.

We now have you outmatched tell us why you brought us here let's stop.

Get this thing off me I understand and sympathize lovely but we did not bring you out here wait a minute if none of us are responsible for bringing us out here then who is.

You sure Killer Croc went this way Batman he broke into the City Records Office just back that way and then he had lunch right here.

I'm wondering if maybe we should start going after the criminals who live in the good neighborhoods Robin look I know.

You're scared but we haven't job bats.

And rats aren't so different you're not actually a bit you'll come to learn emotions or crime-fighters kind of for to give it look just because I get scared doesn't mean I can't fight crime.

Looking for me.

Well Lisa wasn't scared no you were proud of yourself which is also an emotion I learned so much in his job.

I got the sewer max blamin slobbin we're.

Here and I didn't get to say hello I thought we won't attack schedule Joker.

Wanting to enjoy the moment stop smell the roses something down here.

Stinks I think she was talking about the.

Sewer Grundy be afraid.

I am Brainiac of your ratings it's not.

Going to happen we must all work together hopefully a Green Lantern will show up so I can use my ring it is useless to revisit Rainier.

Turi now to the planet for the one color.

To the quad.

So cyborg the slide waste teleport thing is safe totes it'll take you to the watchtower in a blink of an eye why you scared no but I could just use my ring and fly up to the watchtower you don't get in I'm gonna tell everyone Green Lantern is yellow.

Welcome Lantern of sector to eight one four did you have a nice trip oh yeah sure Martian Manhunter no problem although I prefer to fly.

The record crotch stole was a map of the sewers why would he steal that master Bruce would you care for something to eat thanks Alfred if we could bring it down here that would be great master Bruce there's a whole mansion of rooms upstairs to eating comfortably down here would be great thanks a UFO is.

Approaching earth on second thought Alfred do lead in the observatory.

Hmm some kind of spaceship his composition suggests it came from outside of the solar system maybe we should contact Martian Manhunter to check it out from the watchtower yeah go contact him on the Justice League communicator oh okay.

How wonderful.

Hey you change your mind about my ideas.

Dinner your favorite and I cut the top.

That computer emergency defense protocol code its jp9 Batman you won't hurt him.


Bat-computer disable the Batmobile oh darn too late.

Oh my goodness I didn't know he can even do that hey man wait it's me Robin.

You know Jim Drake we're supposed to.

Fight the bad guys please.

Sorry back computer cancel defense protocol but just so we're clear.

Batman I don't need friends you sure I mean how else did it get dirty if it wasn't for your emotions emotions had nothing to do with it one of the panels in the Batmobile shorted out the electrical charge must have counteracted the mind control I'm pretty sure was my speech it was a good speech done it wasn't a speech the question is who was trying to control my mind and why.

Hey no pictures please.

Mr. Luthor don't worry from that strength of yours will come in handy once for other Watchtower with the power of its binary fusion cannon I can hold the world to ransom and demand to be made president but let's baby president is so last year Condor star thanks for the heads up Cape.

Crusader our sensor array was malfunctioning scanning the object now. Be careful by some kind of mind-control Pete yeah it was only my speech that broke the power of the brainwashing it wasn't your speech.

Now I think she was talking about me all. Right all right we have to hurry in case the real hot man shows up care of that.

You ever been to outer space cranny of course what's outer space.

The object does come from outside the solar system your computations were correct get crusader I know Crusader the.

Comlinks Arthas fans hmm it seems the fault lies elsewhere we cannot fix it from the edge Green Lantern I will require your assistance teleport.

We may need some assistance calling all Justice League members calling all Justice League members Mayday we have a Code Red security breach under Watchtower looking good no we'll take.

The check please we never get a break a lot of bad guys.

We have a security breach Caped Crusader saves time if you just call me Batman will come help security protocol indicates I shut down the teleporter to block their escape yeah I know we'll get another ride.

Is running we have a list.

Green Lantern of sector to eight one four I can hold the intruders until assistance arrives the matter of the alien object cannot wait find out as much as you can and report back please call me how.

Martian manhunter surrender now okay but. First I just want to make sure you know everybody this is Firefly we brought him along because we know you love good what fire is in fact my one weakness.

Hmm it might help if you stop playing games and help me get control of the main computer your hair is standing on.

End which I guess is just you're either.

Lower stage jettisoned deploy solar panel arrays.

It must take a lot of effort to make sure everything who drives or flies look like a bat Joker stop him before he gets here I'm going to take him down old-school.


Oh I guess I need to use one of my bonus super balls I got this one no Robin.

I'm really tired getting shot at by boy.


Phenix yes I know.

You sure took your time sorry the waiter took a while to bring the check I'll get Robin onto the jet see if you can find a way in we're gonna need a bigger jet.

Chuckles this thing must be broken.

How do you remember where you parked you.

Weren't very gentle getting us in I wasn't that rough you guys get to the. Control room being Superman we'll fix those doors they're going to be here any.


Firefly eat them up.

Despise you wonder woman no come on do we have to get personal how would you.

Like a hot foot.

My lasso will force you to tell the truth now do you really hate me no I really wish we were friends there see but I think I look better in my costume than you do in yours and I don't think Superman likes you as much as you like him okay.

You know I was just chasing killer croc through a sewer why didn't you catch it but I'm ready this.

What's your game lose or God if he controlled the watchtower of course the.

Binary fusion cannon enough Joker.

Stupid Brendon arm thanks I guess.

Well looks like our work here is done perimeter alert object approaches.

What is that it is the object I sent Green Lantern of sector to eight one four to investigate collector of.

Knowledge and civilizations and you want.

To join the Justice League well leave your resume with my assistant Angie and we'll get back to you if there's an opening it was worth a shot although the.

Threat your vessel poses is minimal what.

Are your plans Brainiac I've traveled the universe collecting things using my shrink-ray to miniaturize cities from every galaxy so you're like an evil space nerd collecting cities has lost its fulfillment sided to expand my collection the city is no longer enough to collect.

No to the weapons laughs it may hold the key to defeating this Brainiac.


Batman is the same thing that happened to you you're right Robin maybe I could break the hold on him the way I broke it on you Robin Green Lantern listen to me I know we don't know each other very well we've only met a couple of times Robin it wasn't the speech he destroyed the.

Plasma cannons.

He didn't let me finish it wasn't a speech now join the others.

This crystal will focused the almost limitless energy of all the power rings lanterns.

Wouldn't it be cool to carry earth around in your pocket I've got the whole world in my world.

Joker shut up I've got to stop that beep.

If Superman fails we're going to need a plan B you've always got to put Superman down I'm offering to help bird boy I don't want to end up president of a marble Luthor's right Robin we need to rescue Green Lantern and shut down that beam Martian Manhunter can you extend the docking tunnel once we get the grappler online yes I can do that from here you will have to activate the grappling device to secure us to Brainiac ship splitting up with me.

I've extended a ducky tongue I will hold it in place until you get safely aboard.

Let's go wait what happened to Robin.

Thanks hey cool helmet who's this yesterday's loads.

Look at the size of this place.

We should split up we'll find the control room faster.

You're under my control now I'm an Android remember both work on me my.

Version of mind control.


This was unforeseen.

Where they got Green Lanterns that hollows and killed him we don't know he's dead that'd be a shame. Really afraid that something is.

Definitely wrong everybody when they were hit by the lights of the different lanterns that amplified the Rings dominant emotion Robin tikka moon wait you want to leave the interaction you see anybody else up to the job his Superman falls into a miniaturised city there's no telling how many will get hurt get this ship on the ground Wonder Woman here with me flash close the gap after me only if I can keep this stuff when we're done sure whatever.

Okay so guys heard I'm in charge.

First on the agenda finest thing to give it a go.

Anybody else know how to fly it if I wasn't terrified of catching a virus no.

Bombs can hold a thanagarian warrior.

Made a to all justice leaguers I've lost control a watchtower heading directly for the moon.

It is a relief to see you Green Lantern of sector to it how what happened to you long story the explosion blew me all the way back to OA where is everybody that is also a long story we need to locate them.

Where shall we read Gotham City I guess what if I hit.

Something you leave.

I hope Superman is all right I'm so.

Worried about him I'm sure he's fine that lovely Batman will save him never thought I'd say this but I like you guys better before what.

What happened I had to save you again you mean after I saved the earth whatever let's go wait the Eiffel Tower doesn't look quite right it's fine come on I said I think.

We should go you drive me of your world now I will have to be content with your. Cities.

We've got to stop him I wasn't planning on giving up just because he suggested it.

Funny I thought it'd be bigger.

Computer identified this time.

You're back online good we need to locate Brainiac can you help from up there.

Brainiac is heading for Gotham Batman right oh okay.

Can I have your belt where are all the poor people they're probably hiding inside afraid we're gonna stop oh I love you guys Brainiac.

I cannot get away from them.

Lush Thanks I use the bricks from flash Tower you mean waiting tower no pretty sure it's called flash Tower because it's my lantern alive no what if he's a zombie.

And I thought he was dead but it all worked out over there what is going on with everybody long story let's get back to the watchtower what about Brainiac he'll be fine.

Watch where you're walking there's 22 million people in these Brainiac channeled our power rings through some kind of crystal wait I have a piece of it it's gonna be too small do any good take it easy lady be a lot easier if they didn't give in to emotions huh Robin pretty sure grumpiness is an emotion if we had a full-size crystal and the power of the lanterns we could restore the earth I can use the crystals at my fortress of solitude to try to create a duplicate here we still need the power of the other rings any idea where the other lanterns are the explosion sent me back to OA home of the source of my power guessing they were thrown back to the source planets of their power rings - blue indigo and violet shouldn't be any trouble how are you gonna get villains like Sinestro Atrocitus and Larfleeze to help maybe we don't need to ask if we could get a hold of their power batteries the energy contained within should be enough how would we even get close to them.

I'm not sure this worked out right I don't think so either this outfit makes my hips green Leonard will take you as. Our prisoner trading you to your enemies once we're close enough we'll create a distraction so you can grab the power he's pretty strong and smart also we're bringing him.

I hope they'll be okay she better not mess up my outfit probably best if you.

All come with me to the fortress.

The power battery should be housed in the temple over there I hope we're not walking walking okay.

We'll distract Larfleeze while house stills a lantern his greed makes him pretty unstable too much talking let's do this already.

Give me green lantern and you'll help us no I just want greenery to empty your pockets there's nothing in my pockets I.

Don't think this bargain is going to work we'll leave no you need to pay me for my time I'll take green lantern used to be what.

I want.

The beams filled with compassion they sure look violent my sensors are picking up abnormalities from below the ground you have to head down and investigate.

The power battery is all broke I still want it though cyborg may be repairing it will restore order to this point.

Truly have compassionate hearts to have restored our battery Justice League it wasn't for entirely selfish reasons we are in need of your energies on earth you have quelled the violence in our hearts and filled it once more with compassion I willingly offer you my assistance.

My turn my turn I want to drive oh dear look out Wow oh boy.

You party gives me the willies.

I'm picking up a distress beacon it's Saint Walker justice now just in time this will take care of some of the reach structures there must be something on.

The body you can target sidewalk.

We need to find Saint Walker amongst all this chaos many thanks my friends the.

Blue lanterns are indebted we require your assistance to revert the damaged Brainiac Hall I hope I can help.

There yet there yet are we there yet over there yet I'm so glad we brought him along.

Yeesh people live here let's not stay long enough to find out hey this river is full of raspberry jam it's pretty good too the source is over there.

Prophetess intruders have been spotted they defeated a number of our forces already but better let me demonstrate the two boundaries.

Did you hear that trouble Grundy carry.

Hal over your shoulder you can call me.

Joker losers the greatest criminal mind.

Of our thoughts you ruin two stars what.

Do you want oh it's not what we want it's what you are your enemy Green Lantern oh that was me pulled muscle.

When I took him down what do you want in return we want your help conquering earth you think I'd waste my time with a stupid planet.

What is in charge and then you can go I'm going to need something more than just green lantern we should go out to dinner.

Come on you stupid strange let me have.

The lantern when I got angry even listening to me you know on second thought we don't need your help what it was a joke so you were just wasting my time that's funny to you yes.

I've been here before I'm so glad it's.

Intact no better tool sorry note or I need to make sure you guys don't run off. This geez when are they gonna be back to normal using my super strength I would compact these crystals while using my supervision to make sure I'm duplicating the exact crystalline structure of the sharp yawn what does Wonder Woman see in you I have to get going on this Wonder Woman likes me did she tell you that.

Fine sapphires mine flash I have a bad.

Feeling about this.

No we just.

I doubt it unprotected.

Gentlemen my apologies can be quite a wild emotion to tame greeting Star Sapphire I bring word from Hal Jordan we need your help in reverting the damage done by Brainiac to the planet Earth anything to have lead the way.

This is my least favorite place in the galaxy we don't like you either.

Ah Sinestro we have the same the bad.

Acting the other lanterns called me.

Getting changed on an invisible jet doesn't really protect your modesty Wonder Woman run days help Lantern.

They're not real Robin.

Reading your mind it knows what scares you it is but I bury my emotions for so.

Long I can't fight anything I've scared up need to be scared.

You need your emotions Robin is going to get hurt let's go.

My power batteries water mine we will.

Just have to go get them.

The resized Earth has made it difficult to track Superman got him let's get down.

There welcome to my fortress of solitude.

Not a lot of solitude these days we were able to get the help we needed Man of Steel I love yours I hope you can help.

Us out of this I hope so too oh no there's the two of all of them.

We were just in time but crystal is ready green lanten it's so good to see you but not now sapphire the owners of those batteries are right behind us and they're going to want to fight all we have to do is make sure that crystal is at the center of them so we don't need these after all.

Hold it right there Sinestro so the final battle will be here over your puny world Green Lantern.

Our will is pulling all your energy through the person he's working with it.

What a wasted trip.

Are you alright oh no is Superman sorry.

I just couldn't keep that up cutting in.

On my action with these bozos occupied let's go make you pretty good idea wait.

How do they get out of the cage you catch them it's not them I'm worried about flash check on Brainiac Brainiac.

Escaped yeah we have to destroy his ship before you attack me you men want to know there are two cities on my way you digital beam.

There's millions of people in there Batman not now Robin but Batman Robin.

None what happened if the earth shrink.

Again no not really behold the engine of your destruction.

Brainiac is our ruler kneel before him I told you we needed to worry about him going bad there's all that kryptonite when you need it it's working.

Oh boy did you work yeah I see that so that means it wasn't the electric shock that broke you out of the mind control it was my speech really thought it was the shock I made this trip like four times today flash what's going on Superman's got bad just like that.

Now destroy the one column.

We don't fight each other we're a team today I thought Robin might be hurt it scared me to think about that it was the first time I let myself be scared in a long while and it scared me because he's my friend and you aren't you sorry really sorry.

Everybody this is not poor chilliness forget the apologies get Brainiac.

It seems like everything unless you want to stay that size we also need the shrink ray Oh.

You were right Robin thank you well what means the most to me is just being your friend the being right is definitely a close second.

You. You.

So what do you think well how about this.

Resident lurks I told you I didn't want to be disturbed people out here demanded to see you.

This is more my speed than that Oval Office but as usual we've ended up with nothing to show for our efforts it could be worse our cell could be as small as that guy.

He really does look ridiculous.




It's too oh yeah Thank You citizen time to hit the beach better take some shark repellent bat spray just in case

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